Our Vision, Mission, and Values
Cornerstone’s Vision

Our vision is to transform our church and surrounding area, by producing measurable growth and change in the lives of our people, through truth and community, one step at a time. Our vision is to reach 1% of henry county (roughly 2,000 people) on an average weekend service at our main campus, and at one of our planted churches. We will do this by raising leaders who lead others to their fullest potential in Christ

Vision Statement
Cornerstone exists:
To lead and empower people to follow Jesus closer once step at a time
Our vision drives everything we do as an organization.
We strive daily to grow closer in our relationship with Jesus. We do this, not only as individuals, but in each and every one of our ministries.
We believe everybody has a next step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a christians for 50 years, or 5, you have a next step.
Mission Statement
Cornerstone is where:
Real people + True community = A journey worth living
Our mission describes what we strive to look like as we take steps to accomplish our vision.
From the top down, we are all real people. We’re flawed, we experience pain, hurt, struggles, and joy. At CBC we want to be open, honest, and real.
We merge being real, with true biblical community, hoping that life change happens and we experience a journey worth living.
Core Values
At CBC We Believe:
In Meeting People Where They’re At
In Progress Not Perfection
Authentic Love Includes Truth, Justice and Grace
How You Live And Give Now Sets The Course for Tomorrow 
Selfless Servants Find Fulfillment
No Journey Should Be Traveled Alone